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We strive hard to have passion for God and to love His people.  We are striving to become a multi-ethnic church, where every nation, tribe, people, and language gather together to worship God.

Who We Are

Rock Springs United Methodist Church was founded in 1866. John Teague rode a gray horse to Rock Spring from South Carolina, where he traded his horse for 202 acres of land. He gave two acres of land from that land, on which the old chapel was eventually built upon it. The current “old chapel” is the third building on that site, as at least one of the previous ones burned.

Rock Springs used to be on a circuit with five other local churches, meaning that a single pastor would serve all five churches. Once the Southern and Northern Methodist Churches unified in 1939 and then eventually, when it was called the United Methodist Church in 1968, membership and pastors began to stabilize as the area began to grow.

Many years ago, the foundation was laid for this church, and we have indeed been richly blessed to continue to live out God’s vision for his church and this community.

Our worshippers consist of English-speaking people, Koreans, Jamaicans, Liberians, Chilean, and Chinese. As the surrounding community is changing, Rock Springs UMC strives to be a multi-ethnic church, where every nation, tribe, people, and language gather together to worship God. 


Lead Pastor

Eduardo Stevens-Gonzalez

Assistant Pastor

Music Director

Debbie Murphy

Preschool Director

Louise Mobley

Children's Coordinator

Lisa Dills

Administrative Assistant

Kathy Hawks

Streamed Children's Church


11:00 am on Sunday

Sunday morning worship at 11 a.m. is a blended worship style in which contemporary praise and traditional hymns are sung. During this worship, the Korean language is displayed on the monitors for Korean brothers and sisters in Christ to worship in their language.

On particular special Sundays such as Easter, Christmas, Chinese New Year, World Communion Sunday, there will be a joint worship service while the service is in English; however, multiple languages such as Korean and Chinese are displayed on the monitors.
Join us for worship!                                  

2:15 pm on Sunday

Our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ worship on Sunday at 2:15 p.m. During this worship, Mandarin is spoken while the sermon is in English with the Chinese translation.

On particular special Sundays such as Easter, Christmas, Chinese New Year, World Communion Sunday, Chinese speaking members have the joint serve. During this worship, the Chinese language is displayed on the monitors.
Join us for worship!

Currently, the service is suspended due to COVID-19.                                 

Gathering Hour

Sunday : 11 am at Fellowship Hall
Upper Level 

ARKID Ministry


ARKID's uses The Gospel Project Curriculum for Kids. It is a Christ-centered Bible study that follows a chronological timeline of Bible events.

Each week, these stories come to life through video, music, and activities. The kids connect biblical events to God's ultimate plan of redemption through Christ.
We welcome and love teaching and caring for the elementary children that are entrusted to us. 

Chinese Mission

Chinese-Americans meet together to worship on Sunday afternoon at 2:15, and have the fellowship and the Bible study afterward.

On particular Sundays such as Chinese New Year, Easter, and World Communion Sunday, we have the joint worship service in English at 11:00 am. During the joint worship, Mandarin and Korean languages are on the PowerPoint for the worshipers to follow in their native tongues. 

Outreach Ministries

Feed Children 

Our church loves to participate in outreach ministry such as “Feed the Hunger.” We helped to package 5000 daily meal packs to send them to Africa for feeding the children.

ESOL Class

Our members love to teach English to our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ.

Food Collections

We collect can goods and other non-perishable foods regularly to support Lawrenceville Co-op and Nothing-But-the-Truth ministries, which provide foods to the needy.

Our Daily Bread Devotional

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